Bike Walk Twin Cities Bicycle Parking ProgramBike Walk Twin Cities Bicycle Parking Program

March 15, 2011


Basis of the Bike Parking Program

TLC has worked with the City of Minneapolis, MnDOT and the FHWA to develop a streamlined federal funding process with much of the administrative work being completed by TLC in advance of program enrollment. The City of Minneapolis will play a central fiscal role for the program that enables significant efficiencies for all participating jurisdictions, i.e., contracting directly with the approved vendor for purchase and delivery of bike parking to each community.  To enroll in the program, eligible communities will enter into a community agreement with the Minneapolis.  Additionally, the agreement will specify the participating jurisdiction's responsibility for meeting program guidelines including all relevant state and federal requirements for use of federal aid highway funds.

Funds Available

A formula to determine the minimum amount of eligible funding for each community has been determined based upon an equal distribution of two and two-thirds percent of available funds, plus a remaining allocation based on proportion of community population (ACS 2009). The total award for this program is $75,000.  The actual amount of bike parking that will be available to each community will be assigned after vendor selection.


Eligible Costs

This program covers 100% cost of purchase and delivery of bike parking through a contract between Minneapolis and the vendor (to be announced).  Communities receiving parking through this program will not incur expenses or reimbursements for these costs.

Costs not covered by the program:

Any costs, including planning, application preparation, site preparation, installation, maintenance or additional amenities beyond the approved parking units and hardware identified when a bid is accepted by the city of Minneapolis. 

Program Enrollment Requirements

Each community wishing to apply for their portion of the bike parking program funds will need to formally commit to meeting the program guidelines, including entering into a cooperative community agreement with the city of Minneapolis. 

Mn/DOT Project Memo Approval



In addition, each community will be responsible for submitting a program application that includes the following

Additionally each community will be responsible to install bike parking at approved locations within 30 days of delivery of units, and provide ongoing maintenance in accordance with federal funding guidelines.  Communities are expected to follow the guidance included in the Association of Bicycle and Pedestrian Professionals (APBP) updated Bicycle Parking Guidelines (available for fee license download at for both identification of appropriate locations and installation.

Bike Parking Rack Options

Style A - Hoop Rack

Style B - Bike Hitch

Style C - Swerve Rack

Bike Parking Program Location Spreadsheet

Participants are encouraged to submit applications before May 31 in order to allow time for adequate review and approval of applications in time to install parking during the 2011 construction season.

Note: If your community faces obstacles to fulfilling the administrative commitment of the program, please talk to Tony Hull at 651-789-1404 to assess options.


  • Notify TLC of intention to participate and complete Community Agreement
  • Engage stakeholders and prepare application and site plan
  • Submit completed application package to MnDOT office of State Aid - Dan Erickson Mn/DOT-Metro District State Aid, Federal Aid Engineer   (applicants are encouraged to submit applications before June 1st to allow time for installations to occur this calendar year).
  • Upon approval, communities will be notified that they may contact the vendor and arrange for delivery of approved parking units.
  • Communities must arrange installations within 30 days of delivery (any site preparation should be completed before contacting vendor).
  • Communities must submit photo documentation of all installations to TLC within 60 days of delivery of bike racks from vendor.
  • All documentation for installations in 2011 must be received no later than November 15, 2011.

Confirmation letter with signed community agreement can be sent by mail or submitted electronically to:

Jamez Smith
BWTC Bike Parking Enrollment
Transit for Livable Communities
626 Selby Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55104


Questions about the program can be directed to Tony Hull 651-789-1404 tonyh(at)