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BWTC is a program of Transit for Livable Communities, designated by Congress to administer the Minneapolis-area location of the federal nonmotorized transportation pilot program authorized by SAFETEA-LU.



Work funded through the Bike Walk Twin Cities program to achieve the Congressional goals flows from the strategic direction established by the Board of Directors of Transit for Livable Communities, with recommendations and input by the Bike Walk Advisory Committee. Results will be accomplished through investments in capital and infrastructure, planning, education, and measurement.

Strategic Direction

  • Innovation, best practices
  • Strategic planning
  • Cultural and economic gaps
  • Engaged stakeholders
  • Fair, transparent process
  • Quality measurement
  • Institutionalized change
  • Cost Effectiveness


Operational strategy

1. Maximizing existing roadway for all users

Short trips
Year round serious transportation
Key network connections
Connections to transit

2. Creating regional legacy

Data collection

3. Building capacity

Target populations (women, immigrants, underserved)
Political leadership
Transportation professionals


Pilot Outcomes

Project Status Map

BWTC Route Map

This subway-style map shows (in orange) the new bike routes funded by Bike Walk Twin Cities.