Measurement and Evaluation InvestmentsMeasurement and Evaluation Investments



Bike Walk Twin Cities continues to conduct unprecedented measurement of bicycling and walking as a form of transportation. The 2010 count marked the fourth year of tracked data collection, and the annual 2011 counts were conducted at 43 locations. From 2007 to 2010 bicycling was up 33% and walking up 17%. Some locations show very marked increases:

Hennepin Avenue Bridge combined biking walking - up 30%

Midtown Greenway west of Hennepin combined biking walking - up 61%

Riverside Avenue east of Cedar - up 94%

Sabo Bridge &Hiawatha at-grade crossing - up 160%

Additional measurement includes monthly counts to monitor seasonal trends and automated counters to monitor validity. Numerous count locations are tied to new infrastructure, enabling measures of network use.