Bicycle Commuting (ppt, 2.4 MB)

Bicycle Commuting and Safety by Alan Downs

Theatres - Bike Parking and Ped Environment (ppt, 9.07 MB)

Created specifically for green theaters event – shows bike parking and ped env. pictures

Biking and Walking as Active Transportation (ppt, 7.45 MB)

Active Transportation basics, with a description of the human component of street life, etc.

Biking as Transportation Tips and Laws (ppt, 4.03 MB)

Active Living Henn. Cty. Presentation. Basics of safe bicycling behavior

LAB_S_Clark_June09 (pdf, 12.96 MB)

General overview of NTP goals, including education.

Bike Walk as Transportation (ppt, 574.5 KB)

Benefits, how to get started, Ambassador program resources, contact, share the road frames and state bike laws

Worship Presentation (ppt, 2.1 MB)

Bike/Walk presentation for places of worship

Door Zone (ppt, 13.15 MB)

TS 101 presentation – principles of traffic law; lane positioning

NE Co-Op Winter (ppt, 6.89 MB)

Workplace presentation – customized for co-op and winter