Good for the PlanetGood for the Planet

Photo of man walking dog on Midtown GreenwayDid you squirm while watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth? Worried that your CO2 emissions are killing polar bears and melting ice caps? New York City doesn't have to be buried underneath a cesspool of ocean water-we can start taking care of our world by hopping on a Huffy (or walking to a Walgreen's).

Okay, it may not be so simple. Still, walking or riding a bike, especially for short trips, is an easy way to "save the planet."

Cleaner Air
In Minnesota, over 30 percent of those killer CO2 emissions come from cars and trucks. No matter how hard you breathe, you're never going to equal the sheer level of CO2 emitted on Twin Cities roadways. In fact, avoiding just 10 miles of driving every week would eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year! The equation is simple: more bicyclists and walkers = cleaner air.

Photo of Midtown Greenway  
Photos courtesy of Midtown Greenway Coalition

Cleaner Water
40 percent of the water tested in Minnesota is not safe to drink. Can biking or walking really make our rivers and streams cleaner?

One of the main causes of water pollution, especially in urban areas, is runoff from roads and parking lots. Biking and walking require less paved space for roads and parking lots, which leaves more room for the kinds of green spaces that can filter our waters and leave them safe for our kids. Mmm...clean water...

Cleaner Fun!
We'll admit we get a small thrill every time we ride a bike or walk somewhere, especially when it's a short trip. Walking or riding to places like the grocery store, school, or work is remarkably easy. Plus, every time you walk or bike to "save the planet," you know that you're doing your small part to stop global warming.