Real DistancesReal Distances

Objects on the map may be closer than they appear

Many of us shy away from walking because we think things are farther away than they really are. We think of something half a mile away as being a long way away, but in reality it's only a 10 minute walk. You could be at your destination in the time it takes you to drive and park!

An average person walking at a moderate pace can walk about 3 miles in an hour. That means it only takes you 5 minutes to cover a quarter mile. Here's a little table to help you figure out how long it would take for you to walk places.

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Distance Table

What are these distances in real terms?

A quarter mile (5 minute) walk can get you from:

  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts to eat Street destinations at Nicollet and 26th St.

  • The Walker Art Center to restaurants on the north side of Loring Park

A half mile (10 minute) walk can get you from:

  • The Minnesota State Capitol to the St. Paul Cathedral.

  • The Urban League  building at Penn and Plymouth to North High School

  • University Avenue to Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley, along the 85th Ave trail

  • The Valley Square area in downtown Golden Valley (at Winnetka and Hwy 55) to the Brookview Community Center and Golf Course

A three-quarter mile (15 minute) walk can get you from:

  • Brookdale  Mall to the Brookdale Library and Hennepin County Government Center, walking along the park trail.

  • The Mounds Park area of St. Paul to Metro State university and Dayton's Bluff Library

A one mile (20 minute) walk can get you from:

  • The Stone Arch Bridge to the Cedar-Riverside area.

  • The Midtown Global Exchange to the Lake Street light rail station

  • Macalester College to the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

  • Haeg Park to the Lyndale Cub Foods store in Bloomington

A 1.5 mile (30 minute) walk can get you from:

  • The Metrodome, through downtown Minneapolis, all the way to Loring Park.

  • The Riverview Movie Theater at 38th St and 42nd Ave South to the housing/retail development at Lake Street and W. River Parkway housing the Longfellow Grill and Dunn Bros. coffee

A 2 mile (40 minute) walk can get you from:

  • The Edina movie theater at 50th and France to Southdale Mall in Edina.

  • The Sabathani Community Center to the 38th St light rail station