Frank DoumaFrank Douma

Choosing transit as a family
When I was young, my grandfather would take me and my sister on bus rides to the end of the line just for fun! Now I am a parent making transit work for my family and a transportation policy researcher by profession. Each day, after bringing our two children to daycare, my wife and I park the car and bus to work. When we bought our house ten years ago, we chose a location that made it possible for transit, walking, and bicycling to be viable choices. We've been able to continue taking the bus and train, even though I have changed my job and we've added children to our family. We've made this extra effort because it adds to our quality of life and allows us to use our financial resources differently.

Frank's commitment to biking, walking, and transit:

  1. Share with other families the story of how his family's transportation choices add to their quality of life.
  2. Contribute to the body of transportation research so that people have relevant information about how transportation choices affect quality of life for individuals and families.