Jeff CarlsonJeff Carlson

Why I'm Car-Free for Life

I love the feeling of breezing down the Greenway with my daughter in the Burley, chattering about princesses, stopping at the Global Market, meeting friends as we lock up our bikes to the new racks. I love walking the streets of Minneapolis, soaking up the sensual feast of the changing seasons.

I love sitting on the bus lost in thought or engaged in conversation. I love saying thank you in Somali, or Oromo, or Ewe to our taxi drivers. I love running into my students on the platform of the Lake Street light rail station and catching up on their lives. I love how Minneapolis has invested in a world-class greenway, bike racks on buses, new trees on Lake Street, more green space here and there.

I hope that Minneapolis will take even bolder steps in the future to ensure that every corner of the city is welcoming and safe for pedestrians and cyclists. I hope we can tame traffic and start charging car drivers the real price of their transportation choice. I can't wait for new train and bus infrastructure. Can't wait to walk our my front door tomorrow, take a deep breath, pick a raspberry or two from the garden, and walk down Pleasant Avenue to wherever my steps may take me while I savor the raspberry (or two).

Hope to see you out there on the sidewalks!