Rudy EllisRudy Ellis

Speaking out for transit
I spread the word to other people about what we can do so buses and trains serve as many people as possible.

I first became interested in transit during the Jesse Ventura administration when everyone started talking about building rail transit. I've been hit twice by cars while I was walking near my home in Saint Paul, so I think our transit system should serve as many people as possible. This can really increase safety, since more drivers will be off the road. It's important to me to stay informed about what's happening so I can participate in the public process and speak up as decisions are being made about transit.

Rudy's commitment to biking, walking, and transit:

  1. Let others know about the importance of transit by calling transit supporters and passing out flyers to bus and train riders at critical moments.
  2. Support legislative changes by attending hearings and testifying on the importance of affordable and accessible transit.
  3. Outreach at events like the state fair to sign up more transit supporters who can work together for better transit options.