Sandy AhlstromSandy Ahlstrom

Walking the walk every day
I love standing up for the opportunity to travel in "carbon-less" modes-especially when I am prepared with facts and reasons to tell others why I am making these choices.

I have found that riding transit, bicycling, and walking build community! As our population increases and diversity abounds, making it possible for more people to ride and walk helps create community networks and a chance for us to interact in Minnesota's great outdoors. What fun to be able to take real advantage of the Minnesota landscape in both the cities and suburbs, where so many of us thrive. I love standing up for the right to travel in "carbon-less" modes when I am working with other people who care about the same things! Thank you, Transit for Livable Communities, for empowering me!

Sandy's commitment to bicycling, walking and transit:

  1. Talk with my legislators and other elected officials about my transportation passions.
  2. Educate my community by talking with friends and neighbors and arranging speaking opportunities for experts.
  3. Spread the word by letting others know when elected officials are making key decisions on transit, biking, and walking!