Scott SmedbergScott Smedberg

Making community a priority
I've found great connection among people who want to drive less, so now I help others connect with people and places around them through bicycling, walking, and taking transit.

I grew up walking, biking, and taking buses. I'd meet my grandmother at a bus stop, would walk home for lunch, and I had an "easy-rider" bus pass while I was in high school. When I had my own kids, I realized how much of this had been lost. Now, I try to help others connect with the places around them and create a sense of community by walking, bicycling, or taking transit. There are lots of great new things happening every day: we have bike racks on the buses, we have the Midtown Greenway, and we have the Hiawatha light rail. It's a great start!

Scott's commitment to biking, walking, and transit:

  1. Build community and support a network of bicyclists through events like Global Bike Day and the Bike-to-School League and the website
  2. Share my enthusiasm by teaching people of all ages to ride so they can experience the joy and independence of being on a bicycle.