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Mpls Bike Love - Night Riders

Night Riders is a weekly bike ride every Tuesday night at 10PM. We meet in the Hen-Lake liquor store parking lot (1200 W Lake St Minneapolis, MN 55408.) Our goal is to ride in mass to take back the bike trails that are rightfully ours that have become increasingly dangerous in the past couple of years (the greenway in particular.) each week we pick a destination to ride to and take bike trails all the way there (or as much as possible) and all in all have a good time. Lights suggested, drinking encouraged
See you next Tuesday.

Twin Cities Bicycle Commuter Group

Twin Cities Bicycle Commuters - We go all year (mostly)

Queer Bike Gang

We exist so everyone can learn and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment, free from the all too frequent condescending macho bullsh*t that exists in bike culture.

Minneapolis Bike Love

Love Minneapolis. Love Bikes.

Twin Cities Streets for People

Twin Cities Streets for People is a resource connecting people to knowledge, each other, and decision-makers. They focus their efforts on information sharing, community engagement, education and "alternative ideation" - the visioning and imagination of new ways to re-make streets for people.

Minnesota Monthly

THERE IS A BOUNTY of biking trails and bike routes in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area, too numerous to describe here. They are managed by cities, counties, and other government jurisdictions. There is no single, comprehensive listing with descriptions of every trail. Here is a sample of some of the longest bike trails in the Twin Cities area. See the resources in this article to discover more biking opportunities.