Fun GearFun Gear

What can a bike carry? Groceries? Check. Heavy books? Sure. Children and small dogs? Why not?

Your bike is made to carry stuff. Lots of stuff. Best part, adding stuff requires little extra effort on your part. Just add a rack, pannier, or basket to haul those cartons of milk and small children across town.

Rear rack

Quality bike racks help you carry a lot without adding much weight to your bike. Racks fit nicely over the rear wheel, and you can secure items to it with a bungee cord. A rack can carry a briefcase, shopping bags, or other items you may unexpectedly find yourself hauling home.


Baskets can carry heavy loads and are easy to use (oh, and they're cute). They can be attached to the rear or the handlebars, but some riders complain that front-mounted baskets reduce control over steering and add air resistance.

Panniers (saddle bags)

Panniers are bags that attach to racks on the front or back of the bicycle, and hang down to the sides. You can easily carry really heavy loads because the weight is distributed lower to the ground and doesn't impact the bike's handling.


Want to tote the kids or your canoes around town? Get a trailer. Many carry up to 100 pounds, and some can carry enough weight to rival a pickup truck. We know of some people who used bicycles to move out of their homes or apartments. Trailers are also great choices if don't want anything permanently mounted on your bike and if you transport heavy loads only occasionally.


Fenders are a very useful accessory, especially if you ever ride in your work clothes. A good set of fenders will save you from sporting the oh-so-stylish mud-track up the back, and save you the hassle of carrying separate rain gear.

Water bottle and cage

Staying hydrated is important, especially on hot days or if you use your bike for long rides. Keeping a water bottle on your frame lets you sip water throughout your ride, without frequent interruptions. It's also handy if you need to wash your hands when you get to your destination.

Bike Pump and Repair kits

If you get a flat, lose air in your tire, or find a loose part, a portable bike pump and a basic repair kit can get you back on your ride in no time.