Cruiser BicyclesCruiser Bicycles

Want the bikes you saw old Hollywood movie stars pedaling across the sandy beaches of California? Those are cruisers. Cruisers were America's standard bike from the early 1930s right through the 1950s, and their comfort, style, and affordability (compared to mountain and racing bikes) have led to renewed popularity in recent years.


  • Simple Mechanics. Chances are your cruiser will have cruiser brakes-the foot brakes you remember from your first bike.

  • Comfortable. Cruisers are built for comfort. Wide tires, padded seats, and upright seating position make it a low-impact ride.

  • Retro look. It's a chic bike, built on baby boomer childhood memories.

Reality Check

  • Slow. It's a big, heavy bike. You're not winning races on this one.

Quick Facts

  • Pee Wee Herman went on a search for his stolen bright red cruiser in Pee-wee's Big Adventure.


  • $150-$400 at a local bike shop.