Hybrid BicyclesHybrid Bicycles

Can't decide between a mountain and road bike? Think about a hybrid bicycle. This bike is used on roads and bike paths, and its design is influenced by both racing and mountain bicycles. A relatively recent type of bicycle, the hybrid maintains the more popular features of mountain bike but is designed to be more suitable for urban use. 


  • Hybrid! The wheels and tires are faster than a mountain bike and more durable than a road bike. Hybrids also keep with the upright seating position of a mountain bike, making it versatile for street and trail riding and short to moderately long distances.   

  • Multiple Surfaces. A hybrid bike is great for multiple surfaces. In general, hybrids use mountain bike gears to make riding in hilly environments easier.

  • Cost. Hybrids are also generally less expensive than high-end racing bikes.

Reality Check

  • Type of Riding. If you will be sticking mainly to one kind of riding, mountain bikes are a better choice for unpaved trails, and road bikes are better for road riding.


  • $200-$600 at your local bike shop.