Racing BicyclesRacing Bicycles

Do you dream of racing Lance Armstrong? You'll want a racing bicycle (surprise!). These bikes have light frames and narrow, high-pressure tires. With their lightweight frames and fast, responsive rides, they're great for longer trips. 


  • Aerodynamic. This is the fastest type of bike available. Riders bend low over the handlebars, placing the rider in a more aerodynamic posture than upright bikes. The front and back wheels are close together so the bicycle has quick handling.

  • Light. The frame is incredibly light ...allowing you to move more quickly over longer distances. Riding a racing bicycle up a hill takes a lot less energy!

Reality Check

  • Uncomfortable at first. If you are used to wider tires and a more upright position, you may find this bike style uncomfortable and somewhat hard to handle at first. Usually practice will make you feel better.

  • Not for city streets. For shorter trips or city street travel, the light frame, narrow tires, and bent-over riding position can be less comfortable and lead to more flat tires and other maintenance issues. 


  • $800-$6,000 at your local bike shop.