Recumbents and TricyclesRecumbents and Tricycles

Do you have a back, neck, or hand problem that keeps you from riding a traditional bicycle? Never fear, try a recumbent bicycle or tricycle! Recumbents feel like you're bicycling in a lawn's a mighty comfortable ride. It's easy to reach high downhill speeds and more difficult to climb hills on a recumbent because of the rider's sitting position.


  • Comfortable. A recumbent is extremely comfortable. People who have given up cycling because of back, neck, or hand problems, often find recumbents help them start cycling again.

  • Fast. Recumbents are fast going downhill and on flat surfaces.

Reality Check

  • Less Responsive. Recumbents are generally less responsive (e.g., harder to make sharp turns, swerves less quickly) than traditional bikes and can make climbing hills more difficult. It's takes time to get used to riding a recumbent.


  • $500-$1,500 at your local bike shop.