Touring BicyclesTouring Bicycles

Do you plan to ride your bike across Europe? You'll want a touring bike. These bikes can carry gear on racks mounted to the front and rear of the bicycle frame. They can usually carry more weight (read: luggage!) and have wider tires than other bicycles...perfect for that trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


  • Carry everything. These bikes are made to travel. They're usually equipped with luggage racks front and rear, designed to hold panniers, bicycle trailers, or other forms of luggage. There's plenty of places for stuff, like luggage racks, fenders (mudguards), lights, water bottles, tools, and spare parts.

  • Comfortable. Touring bicycles are made to travel long distances. They use upright handlebars and wide, saddle seats to keep you comfortable.

  • Rugged. A touring bicycle is reliable. Its rugged hubs, heavy-duty rims, and 36-spoke wheels provide the durability, reliability, and wide gearing essential for traveling with lots of stuff.

Reality Check

  • Not Fast. With all of the extra utility and ruggedness, touring bicycles are made for leisurely traveling. You won't want this bike in the Tour de France.

Quick Facts

Ask for a detailed itinerary before booking any cycling trip. That way there will be no last minute surprises and disappointments, plus you'll be able to find out whether or not the cycling trip includes the sights and activities you really want to experience.


  • $300-$1,500 at your local bike shop.