Biking, Walking & Blogging: A Benchmark Year for Bicycling and WalkingBiking, Walking & Blogging: A Benchmark Year for Bicycling and Walking

 From Tony Hull, Non-motorized Planning and Evaluation Analyst

2010 was quite a year for measurement --Bike Walk Twin Cities, a program of Transit for Livable Communities, put in an impressive effort! With the help of 86 volunteers and staff, Bike Walk Twin Cities conducted counts and surveys throughout the year.

  • 118 two-hour bicycle and pedestrian counts at 48 locations, including monthly counts at 5 locations
  • 1701 Intercept Surveys in the Spring and Fall (687 Walk & 1014 Bike)
  • 34,167 Bicyclists and Pedestrians counted by BWTC/TLC volunteers January through November 2010 (17,199 Bike & 16,970 Walk)*

Additionally, in 2010 we deployed six automated counters in Minneapolis and partnered with the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota for two Capstone Classes. The classes focused on analyzing non-motorized data collected by BWTC, the City of Minneapolis, and other partner agencies.  

This is a benchmark year for the bike walk program as TLC/BWTC and our pilot program partners around the nation prepare to submit this spring a draft report for Congress. This report will document the preliminary program outcomes. Data collected this year will be measured against the 2007 baseline. As we prepare to release our count data this month, it looks like we will have some great news, with bicycling and walking both on the rise. To find out just how much bicycling and walking has increased in the last 3 years watch our web site for the 2010 count report release coming this month. Also, for the many people who volunteered with BWTC/TLC or any of our partners to conduct counts or surveys in 2010, watch for an invite to our annual count/survey volunteer celebration later this month.

Let’s keep making bicycling and walking count in 2011!

*Numbers do not include counts conducted by the City of Minneapolis Department of Public Works that have not yet been reported.