Bike Walk Ambassadors UpdateBike Walk Ambassadors Update

Bike Walk  Ambassador logo Starting in March, Ambassadors will be teaching classes to encourage people to choose walking or biking for more of their trips. We have three focus areas in 2012: a Family Biking Series, an Adult Biking Series, and a 55+ Walking / Biking Series.

Family Biking Series
Our Family Biking series is designed to encourage you to get back out on the streets and trails with your children. Whether or not you biked a lot before becoming a parent or want to teach your kids to ride, you very likely have questions about how to approach each stage of family biking. These classes and rides are designed to answer any questions you have and encourage you to experience or re-experience the joys of biking.

Adult Bicycling Series
We’ll work with basic bike maintenance in the Adult Bicycling Series, but most emphasis will be on neighborhood bike tours. In a relaxed, friendly environment, Bike Walk Ambassadors will help you learn the skills you need to successfully navigate Minneapolis neighborhoods. Join friends and neighbors to learn about bikeways in your area, and to visit local bike-friendly businesses. We’ll discuss riding side-by-side with automobile traffic, properly locking your bike, and other basics to get you going!

55+ Walking Series & Bicycling Mini-Series
These strolls are designed to offer an easy, pleasant social walking experience and give you the confidence to consider walking as a transportation option. The health benefits of walking are numerous including reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Take a comfortable and gradual approach. Walking with other 55+ strollers provides the added benefits of a valuable support network and new friendships.

For the 55+ Bicycling Mini-Series, we’ll offer a how-to class, and a group ride. Join us to learn how to enjoy bicycling as a life-long activity in one of the best bicycling cities in the nation!

For more information about these walks, rides and classes, visit http://www.minneapolismn.gov/bicycles/events/WCMS1P-088472, call 612-333-3410, or e-mail bikewalk@minneapolismn.gov, or pick up a brochure at your local library or bike shop.