Bike WAlk Twin Cities Projects --Profile of Minnehaha Ave, 20th Ave S, and 26th Ave SBike WAlk Twin Cities Projects --Profile of Minnehaha Ave, 20th Ave S, and 26th Ave S

A New North-South Bike Route on the East Side of Minneapolis

From Amber Collett, Communications Associate

BWTC provided funding to the City of Minneapolis to enhance the biking connections from the Longfellow neighborhood in south Minneapolis to Riverside and the U of M East Bank campus. This is one of many projects in a growing network of on-street bike facilities funded by BWTC. This blog is one in a series about BWTC-funded projects.

The project will provide key access to business districts, community activity centers, colleges & universities, residential neighborhoods, and an industrial area. One of the goals of this project, as identified in a City of Minneapolis analysis of gaps in the bicycling facilities, was to make the intersection of 20th Avenue South and Riverside Avenue safer for cyclists.  (BWTC staff proposed a bicycle box at this intersection to aid in cyclists making left turns onto Riverside Ave which now has “test” bike lanes).

Another benefit of this new route is to provide a way to continue south from the Hiawatha Light Rail (LRT) trail. With the new bike way—to be completed this summer—riders can easily connect to several existing routes, including the Sabo Bridge, Midtown Greenway, Minnehaha Park bike path, and the Hiawatha LRT trail.  The Midtown Greenway connection makes it easier to complete bicycling trips between the Longfellow neighborhood and western Minneapolis neighborhoods such as Phillips, Powderhorn, and Uptown. The new bike way also provides an alternative—and one without so many hills—to the West River Parkway bicycle trail. When the Central Corridor light rail line is in place along University Ave, a stop will be approximately 0.25 miles from the intersection of Riverside Avenue and 20th Avenue in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Here are the key components of this project:

  • Designated bicycle lanes, with signage
  • 4 to 3 lane conversion on key sections
  • Road resurfacing (paid for by county funds)

The bike lanes begin on the north end of 20th Avenue South starting at Riverside Avenue and then turn onto Minnehaha Avenue to continue down Minnehaha, with signs for several trail connections, to a junction with 26th Avenue and then south past Lake Street to East 31st Street.

One feature for northbound riders is a separate left turn lane just for bikes where 26th Avenue joins Minnehaha.

Minnehaha Avenue between 26th St (on the south) and 20th Avenue (on the north) will be resurfaced to fix the cracked and deteriorated surface, which currently causes safety concerns for bicyclists. If you’ve been in the area, you’ll have seen that the resurfacing is nearly complete. The bike lanes will soon follow!