Biking, Walking and Blogging: Living Green ExpoBiking, Walking and Blogging: Living Green Expo

Sustainable Transportation a Big Issue at Living Green Expo

From Joan Pasiuk, Bike Walk Twin Cities Program Director

Visitors to the Living Green Expo on May 1-2 were immediately embraced by sustainable transportation. Booths for Transit for Livable Communities, Bike Walk Ambassadors, Metro Transit, Nice Ride, and Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota lined the walkway. Three of these organizations were birthed in the past three years! Transportation choices are clearly a hot button issue.

Bike Walk Twin Cities is proud to be in strong relation to all these organizations - as funder and/or collaborator. We understand the power of working side by side - at an Expo on the Fairgrounds, at the Capitol, in meeting rooms and planning sessions and events all year long. The NTP grant is bearing fruit in new jobs, a broader base, more direct services - and improved transportation options.