Biking, Walking, & Blogging: Ambassador UpdateBiking, Walking, & Blogging: Ambassador Update

Hello my name is Tasha Holifield, and my name is Grecia Dominguez-Gomez; and we are the Bike Walk Youth Ambassadors for the City of Minneapolis. We began as Bike Walk Youth Ambassadors four summers ago though the Step-Up program. Since then we have worked to promote biking and walking as a form of transportation. A lot of what we do is geared towards youth (K-12), by using fun and educational activities we teach them how to bike and walk safely. Our responsibilities have grown exponentially since our fist summer and it is in this summer that seems to show this the most. Many of the events we do we have been able to do on our own using the skills and knowledge that we had worked hard to obtain through the research and experience collected over the last four summers. It has been a wonderful adventure and one we hope to continue.