Biking, Walking & Blogging: Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota’s Winter Maintenance Workshop

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota's Winter Maintenance Workshop

From Jamez Smith, BWTC Program Support Assistant

This past December I participated in a basic bicycle maintenance workshop sponsored by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN).

The workshop, held weekly in Roosevelt High School's Wellstone Bike Shop, was led by BikeMN's Nick Mason, Minneapolis Bike Walk Ambassador Rebecca Gomez, & MCTC Bike Cooperative's Michael Groskreutz. Michael is also the Head Mechanic at Recovery Bike Shop.


The focus of the December workshop was bicycle maintenance, specifically, how to comfortably make basic adjustments for safety and shifting. All cyclists should know how to make an ABC Quick Check, and how to correct any faults discovered during the check. In the ABC Quick Check, you're checking the Air in your tires, the Brakes, and the Chain, cogs & cranks.

Year-round, the BikeMN Education Committee schedules Smart Cycling Traffic Skills 101 classes in regional centers throughout the state. These courses cover all aspects of bicycling from basic maintenance, to riding skills and traffic laws. This course is also the prerequisite to enrolling in the three-day League Cycling Instructor (LCI) course. BikeMN hopes to recruit a few people from each class to continue on to become volunteer LCIs and help teach classes.

In addition to Traffic Skills 101, BikeMN has developed an advanced adult course, a bike commuter course, and two children's courses. BikeMN customizes the curriculum for Minnesota.

If you'd like more info about the Smart Cycling classes, visit BikeMN's website, or contact Nick@bikemn.org.