Biking, Walking, & Blogging: “Bike Walk Move” Campaign




Effort by Bike Walk Twin Cities coincides with opening of new bikeways around Twin Cities


As part of a multi-year effort to enhance bicycling and walking in the Twin Cities as transportation options, Bike Walk Twin Cities has launched a communications campaign, "Bike Walk Move." The goal of the campaign is to bring attention to new facilities funded through BWTC and encourage individuals to shift their trips to bicycling and walking..


"Planning, designing and building infrastructure improvements are critical to more bicycling and walking transportation trips. But unless we get people's attention about where and how to use the improvements we are only half-way there," said Joan Pasiuk, program director of Bike Walk Twin Cities. "The Twin Cities is already nationally recognized for its bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly amenities. We intend our communications efforts through 2012 to build even greater public awareness of our community's growing bicycling and walking network."


Featured parts of the Bike Walk Move communications campaign include:

  • Bike Walk Move community event participation: Bike Walk Move representatives will be at multiple community events throughout the summer, such as the Northside Glide Ride, Sat., July 9, starting at 8 a.m. at the NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center (1313 Penn Ave. N.), and the 6th annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl, from 3-8 p.m. on Sat., July 30. Bike Walk Move representatives are specifically partnering with events conducive to bicycling and walking.
  • Bike Walk Move advertising/sponsorship campaign: An ad campaign with the theme, "I Choose...," features Twin Cities residents using their bicycles or walking to get around. Other elements of the campaign focus on the economic benefits of bicycling and walking, noting that each car a family owns costs, on average, $8,000 per year. The ad campaign will appear in multiple Twin Cities community newspapers, on Metro Transit buses and bus shelters. Public service announcements sponsored by Bike Walk Move will appear on KBEM radio (FM 88.5) as part of the station's morning and late-afternoon traffic updates.
  • The Bike Walk Move Web site (BikeWalkMove.org): A new Web site will help those who are interested in incorporating bicycling or walking into their daily lives. The site includes safety tips, suggestions for gear and equipment, and resources for finding the right bikeway, path or trail for bicyclists and pedestrians. The site also features the Twin Cities' full and diverse bicycling and walking community.
  • The Bike Walk Move Stories blog (www.bikewalkmove.org/stories): The Bike Walk Move Web site also features the Bike Walk Stories blog, which highlights stories of everyday people who are bicycling or walking more as part of their daily lives. The blog also features unique snapshots and profiles of those who are bicycling and walking around the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Bike Walk Move on Twitter and Facebook: Bike Walk Move is featured on Twitter and Facebook, with stories, news and information helpful to those seeking to walk or ride a bicycle.