Biking, Walking, & Blogging: BWTC 2011 RecapBiking, Walking, & Blogging: BWTC 2011 Recap


BWTC 2011 Recap

Turning the calendar to December and putting plans for 2012 in place, BWTC took the opportunity to review 2011. Whew - it was a jam-packed year! We feted project openings (including the region's first bicycle boulevards); launched a set of planning studies to give the region "shovel-ready" bike/walk projects for key corridors and intersections; are about to announce results of the fall on-street counts; and helped all of us to celebrate city streets with winter, spring and fall Bike Walk Week events. And we enjoyed the many partnerships that make this work both productive and fulfilling!


A few 2011 highlights...


We posed an urban street makeover question that we took to the community. Over the summer and fall BWTC partnered with Twin Cities Greenways and Community Design Group to host a public engagement process in North Minneapolis. About 200 participants attended ten workshops exploring the prospect of adapting existing residential streets into greenways, with more open space and better design for walking and bicycling. A full report will follow, but 89% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that "the Greenway concept could be an asset to my community" and 73% said "I would be happy to have a Greenway street in front of my house." Watch for more update about the results of the workshops.

Our blog about winter sidewalks serves up a matter still to be conquered at every level. Sidewalk clearance remains the responsibility of property owners and elected folks try to figure out how to enforce greater compliance. The Minneapolis City Council is debating fines and pilot snow removal projects. Our February Winter Walk-Off will again encourage snow clearance and sidewalk travel. Any brilliant ideas to make our cities more winter-friendly?



True or false: Bicyclists can take the full lane only when indicated with traffic signage. False. The bicyclist may take the full lane when required for the cyclist's safety. The Bicyclists May Take Full Lane sign introduced on a BWTC project is just one of numerous new roadway elements. Test more of your knowledge on bike boxes and bicycle boulevards. We are working with the City of Minneapolis to assess a number of the innovative treatments, including advisory bike lanes and colored green conflict zones.


What image flashes in your mine when you think "bicyclist?"  We will succeed when you are likely to conjure up a woman, an elder, or a person of color.  The Bike Walk Ambassadors produced a promotional video of bicycling in African American communities, the Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota led educational rides all summer long, and our Bike Walk Move campaign took culturally relevant encouragement to neighborhoods in Minneapolis (thanks to Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support for collaborative work in North Minneapolis). Small strides, for sure, but the equity of bicycling and walking is not part of the story, it is the measure of success.   



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