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Hot-Off-the-Press Bicycle Master Plan


From Joan Pasiuk, Bike Walk Twin Cities Program Director


On July 22nd the Minneapolis City Council passed a Bicycle Master Plan, creating a comprehensive game plan worthy of a #1 bicycling city in the U.S. that is not interested in resting on its laurels.


The plan addresses six "E's" (Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering, Equity, Evaluation) under three main goals:

Goal #1 - Increase bicycle mode share.

Goal #2 - Bicycling in Minneapolis is safe and comfortable.

Goal #3 - Destinations in Minneapolis are reasonably accessible by bicycle.


The biggest ticket is, of course, construction. Consider the list of on-street gaps as an example of the network completion remaining:

  • Thomas Avenue Corridor
  • 27th Ave NE Corridor
  • Lowry Avenue Corridor
  • Marshall Street Corridor
  • Como Avenue Corridor
  • 24th Street Corridor
  • 32nd Street Corridor
  • Diamond Lake Road Corridor
  • 44th Street Corridor
  • France Avenue Corridor
  • Upton/Sheridan Corridor
  • Nicollet Avenue Corridor
  • Portland Avenue Corridor
  • Bloomington Avenue Corridor
  • 38th Avenue Corridor
  • Lyndale Ave N between Plymouth Ave N and 41st Ave N
  • Johnson St NE between E Hennepin Ave and 18th Ave NE
  • 38th St west of Bloomington Ave S
  • Washington Ave west of 11th Ave S


Reality rules: "The rate at which new facilities can be constructed will depend on available resources and the cities capacity to fund and maintain existing facilities." The plan identifies on-street gaps across all neighborhoods; 48 miles of on-street projects are in the five-year capital improvement plan and scheduled to open in 2011, courtesy in large part of the Bike Walk Twin Cities pilot.


Congratulations to all the city staff (chief author Don Pflaum) and Bicycle Advisory Committee members who birthed this plan, and the city council members who embraced it. Great public input. Great planning. Next up: finding resources and scheduling implementation. See the plan here: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/bicycles/bicycle-plans.asp