Biking, Walking, & Blogging: Nonmotorized Pilots Brief Congress Biking, Walking, & Blogging: Nonmotorized Pilots Brief Congress

Nonmotorized Pilots Brief Congress  

From Joan Pasiuk, BWTC Program Director

More than twenty House and Senate offices participated in the May 12, 2011, briefings on Capitol Hill about the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP). Our messages: 1) that focused, comprehensive bike/walk investments (education, infrastructure, innovative programs) shift trips from driving to bicycling and walking; 2)that the pilot is a success, even as implementation continues. The four communities participating in the federal NTPP are: Columbia, Mo.; Marin Co, Calif.; Minneapolis area, Minn; Sheboygan Co, Wisc


Across the pilot communities from 2007 to 2010, walking increased by 22% and bicycling by 49%. In the Minneapolis pilot, we measured an increase in walking of 17% and of bicycling of 33% at 30 benchmark locations.


All the pilot presentations emphasized program and project highlights and together featured a smorgasbord of proven investments targeted to address the needs and opportunities of each community. These included improvements along key corridors and commuting routes, bicycle parking, comprehensive planning, new partnerships, connections to transit, intersection improvements, bicycle boulevards, focused promotion and outreach, and more. Minneapolis City Councilmember and Bike Walk Twin Cities advisor Robert Lilligren eloquently told the Bike Walk Twin Cities story.  


This fall, the Federal Highway Administration and U.S. DOT will present a report to Congress about the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program. The ultimate outcome we could hope is a federal commitment to focused bike/walk funding at a programmatic (beyond pilot!) level. Meanwhile much work of Bike Walk Twin Cities continues. Enjoy a summer full of project openings and walking/bicycling in the spotlight!