Biking, Walking, & Blogging: North Minneapolis PrognosisBiking, Walking, & Blogging: North Minneapolis Prognosis


North Minneapolis Prognosis - Better and Stronger Than Ever

From Joan Pasiuk, Bike Walk Twin Cities Director

In the tornado aftermath Northside residents are in our hearts and minds. Bike Walk Twin Cities is working with the community on clean up and collaborating, through bike drives and bicycle discounts, to make bicycles more available to residents. We also are exploring options to include transit passes in the set of services affected residents receive. Longer term, North Minneapolis has a unique opening to design a future. Bike Walk Twin Cities is poised to advance bicycling and walking as part of the vision.

Over the past two weeks community members and stakeholders have affirmed that North Minneapolis will survive and thrive. As crisis response shifts into revitalization, the opportunity to create new transportation patterns - at the community, household, or individual level --  is huge. North Minneapolis can embrace a vision and action plan that enable more residents to more easily choose bicycling, walking, and transit as their main mode of transportation.

Efforts are already headed in this direction including: Nice Ride bicycle sharing throughout neighborhoods; a new bike/walk center to open on Glenwood Ave. this summer; wayfinding signage identifying bicycle routes and key destinations; bicycling and walking street/sidewalk improvements on Emerson/Fremont, Plymouth Ave., and 7th Ave N.; expanded bicycle parking; and a significant bike/walk engagement campaign to listen to, learn from, and help activate North Minneapolis residents. All of these are brought forth through federal, state, city, and private sector dollars. Bike Walk Twin Cities is proud to be a key player in this movement.