Biking Walking & Blogging: Riverlake GreenwayBiking Walking & Blogging: Riverlake Greenway

BWTC provided funding to the City of Minneapolis to enhance biking connections and pedestrian safety throughout the city. This is one of many projects in a growing network of on-street bike facilities funded by BWTC. This blog is one in a series about BWTC-funded projects.


The Midtown Greenway is part of the reason Minneapolis is the #1 city in the nation for bicycling. By providing a dedicated and direct route, commuting from one end of the city to the other is appealing and fun! In an effort to continue providing key routes through the city, the City of Minneapolis has teamed up with Bike Walk Twin Cities to implement the Riverlake Greenway, an on-street bicycle boulevard.


This project will include:


The RiverLake Greenway is a bikeway/walkway that when complete will connect the Chain of Lakes (Harriet, Calhoun, Lake of the Isles)to the Mississippi River. This east-west route falls midway between the Midtown Greenway and Minnehaha Park.


The Riverlake Greenway has been a grassroots project from the start. It was conceived by residents and a coalition of neighborhood representatives (the Riverlake Greenway Committee) that met on a monthly basis to address issues of bicycling and walking safety in their community. Given the proximity to Bancroft Elementary and Roosevelt High, a lot of the project is designed to accommodate children and teenage users.


Phase 1, in the Kingfield Neighborhood, was implemented in 2002 and Phase 2, in the East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood, was completed in 2003. Under construction in fall of 2010, Phase 3 of the Riverlake Greenway project, and the section that is being funded by BWTC, is located in the Bryant, Bancroft, Standish Ericson, and Longfellow neighborhoods and completes the route from I-35W to the Mississippi River. Phase 4 will be the King Bridge project, which will replace the existing pedestrian bridge over I-35W.


The Riverlake Greenway is located in an underserved area that needs dedicated space for bicyclists and increased safety measures for walkers. Currently there is no good way for bicyclists to go east/west through this part of Minneapolis. The project will create an environment where bicyclists and walkers are given preferred treatment over motor vehicles through the use of bike lanes, sidewalks, safe crossings at major arterial roads, and by slowing traffic with traffic calming devices such as bumpouts. Landscaping also will make the route more community-centered and appealing for bicyclists and walkers.


By funding these improvements, BWTC is making the streets safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists traveling to popular throughout South Minneapolis. The Riverlake Greenway also connects to existing on-street and off-street routes, expanding the network for safe bicycling in the Twin Cities.  


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