Biking, Walking, & Blogging: Sen Holiday InterviewBiking, Walking, & Blogging: Sen Holiday Interview


Sen Holiday Interview
with Arielle Johnson

            The last time Sen Holiday, an art student at the University of Minnesota, had used a bike, she was riding around in circles as a child. After only one summer of semi-serious cycling, Sen found themself venturing out to the Carver Park Reserve with three friends for Sen's very first camping trip, solely using a bicycle for transportation.

            The three-day camping trip took the group about 33 miles away from their homes in Saint Paul- a decent trek, especially when carrying camping equipment! Sen described their bike ride as "enjoyable and slow enough for Krishnan and myself [the two non-experts] to handle." While Unny and Fred, two avid cyclists who have led numerous bike trips, were taking turns and biking uphill without using their hands , Sen was just happy to only fall off their bike twice throughout the entire trip. "You could say that I'm a clumsy person. I fall off my bike about once every other week," Sen said with a laugh.


The journey itself was not as difficult as one would think, according to Sen. Everyone in the group used bicycle bags and bungee cords to strap on their gear, as well as one bike trailer that was used to carry the remaining equipment. All four friends made sure to communicate clearly throughout the trip, so as to ensure everyone's health, safety, and happiness. The group followed a straightforward route and was graced with the presence of pleasant weather and beautiful, overhanging trees for a good part of the ride.

            Sen grew up in a small town in Sarasota County, Florida, where viable places to bike ranged from few to none. The mentality of using a bike as a vehicle was utterly nonexistent. Being a car-less college student, Sen used the bus for their first and second year at the University of Minnesota, but ever since receiving their first road bike last summer, Sen has become a passionate cyclist who bikes nearly anywhere and everywhere. "I'm aiming, in general, to waste less and reuse more," says Sen, "I really like the idea of biking because it's fun, cheap, good for my health, and more environmentally sound. Plus, it takes less time than the bus!"


Many of Sen's friends are also cyclists, so biking is often not only a healthy physical activity for Sen, but a social one as well. "It's something that I really enjoy and that improves my quality of life... I'm trying to spread the word about how my personal lifestyle changes have benefitted me, in the hope that others will do the same." Sen is a firm believer in individual change for a greener future and hopes that by telling their story, Sen can help others learn how fun and viable cycling can be!


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