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From Joan Pasiuk, Bike Walk Twin Cities & Claire Stoscheck, Sibley Bike Depot


The Community Partners Bike Library (CPBL) provides bikes on-loan to members of the community through partnerships with various community organizations -- social service, non-profit, and community institutions directly engaged with low-income community members. Bike Walk Twin Cities funded the program beginning in 2010. In its second year, the program has nearly 200 bicycles in use, and also fourteen child trailers (think: moms or dads dropping off kids at day care, toting a child and a sack of groceries, or heading to the playground after supper).


The eighteen community partner organizations are a who's who of long-standing and emerging non-profits, serving clients across the metro.

American Indian Family Center

Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services

Center for Victims of Torture

CLUES- Communidades Latinos Unidos en Servicio

Goodwill Easter Seals

Hope Community

Lao Family 

Life Haven (Lutheran Social Services)

MN Indian Women's Resource Center

Network for Better Futures

Northwest Youth and Family Services

Project for Pride in Living

Sarah's Place

Seward Neighborhood Group

Waite House

Youth Farm and Market Project- Lyndale & Powderhorn

YWCA St. Paul


Bicycle users are racking up the miles --one logged 650 miles this year by early June! There are at least 20 folks in the program who have never ridden before (mostly immigrant women). The key to the program is safe cycling education and support to make bicycling transportation even for novices. You can hear more about the program through participants from Waite House and the CPBL Director on a recent KFAI interview (en Espanol) http://www.kfai.org/node/37522.  Check out the testimonial of Maria Cisneros, CPBL June Cyclist of the Month.


 "I like the (Bike Library) program because it motivates me to continue cycling here in the U.S. I am from the countryside in Mexico, and I was scared to bike in the city, but this program encouraged me to continue and start biking again. I use my bike to go to work, meetings, go shopping and go out with my family on the weekends. It's an excellent program. Many women from Waite House who are participating (in the Bike Library) are biking for the first time, and they say that their self esteem has improved. It's very frustrating to have to always ask others for a ride, but with a bike you feel independent. It doesn't matter the weather, you can just go, you know you can."

Maria Cisneros, Mujeres en Liderazgo, Waite House (30 miles pedaled)


"Me gusta el programa de la Biblioteca de Bicis Para la Comunidad porque nos entusiasma para seguir pedaleando aquí. Soy del campo de México y tenía miedo andar en la ciudad. Este programa me entusiasmo continuar. Uso la bici para ir a trabajo, reuniones, hacer compras, y salir con la familia el fin de semana. Es un muy buen programa. Muchas mujeres participantes de la Biblioteca de Waite House están pedaleando por la primera vez, y ellas dicen que ha mejorado su autoestima. Es muy frustrante tener que pedir "rides" (que se llevan otra persona en carro), pero con una bici se puede ir. No importa el clima, sabes que puede."

-Maria Cisneros, Mures en Liderazgo, Waite House (30 millas pedaleado)


For more information, please visit www.sibleybikedepot.org/programs/bike-library or email claire@sibleybikedepot.org