Biking, Walking, & Blogging: TLC Volunteers Step up for Spring Surveys and CountsBiking, Walking, & Blogging: TLC Volunteers Step up for Spring Surveys and Counts

Tony Hull, Evaluation and Program Specialist

TLC Bike Walk Twin Cities would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped out with our spring Biking and Walking Surveys. Based on findings from work done by students at St Olaf in January, TLC determined the need to conduct more intercept surveys of bikers and walkers to supplement previous data collected in 2007 and expand the time periods and locations for this data collection.

With a short time frame to conduct these surveys, TLC worked with Jamie Buss Consulting to cast a net for volunteers for this effort. The hope was to replicate the 390 surveys from 2007 and at least double the number with additional locations different times of the week.

The results exceeded our expectation. Jamie Buss reports that 31 volunteers, 5 TLC staff and herself were able to successfully administer over 1000 surveys with 35 shifts of surveyors, 11 shifts of counters (Bike Walk Counts are used to establish the intercept rate), totaling over 100 hours of time.

The results of these surveys when tabulated will be an essential part of our effort to estimate the impact of biking and walking in terms of reduced automobile trips. Counts and Surveys will be conducted again in the fall as we prepare to report program findings to Congress in 2011.

Thanks to all who contributed to this effort, and hope to see you in the fall. TLC also conducts ongoing monthly counts; if you are interested in volunteering to help with the monthly effort, please contact Tony Hull tonyh@tlcminnesota.org 651.767.0298 x149