Biking, Walking, & Blogging: Transit in the Bike/Walk Equation for North Minneapolis Biking, Walking, & Blogging: Transit in the Bike/Walk Equation for North Minneapolis


Transit in the Bike/Walk Equation for North Minneapolis


From Joan Pasiuk, Bike Walk Twin Cities Program Director


Transit for Livable Communities is teaming up with the Salvation Army to make transit more accessible to North Minneapolis residents affected by the tornado. Through our semi-annual appeal, TLC supporters can identify donations that will be used by the Salvation Army to provide transit passes to North Minneapolis residents in need of transportation support.  


Though the words "bike" and "walk" do not appear anywhere in this announcement, the bike/walk impact is very significant. We know that people in transition, including enormous life disruptions caused by the tornado, are reassessing and readjusting their lives in many ways. Each new or more committed transit rider, as an adjustment to the tornado, is potentially a long-term transit user. And each transit rider makes connections to the bus or train by foot or bicycle.


Realigning household resources with a commitment to transit, walking, and bicycling and without the burden of car ownership is a financial benefit to individuals and families. In a web site poll conducted by Salvation Army USA about the effect of gas prices, it is clear that transportation issues and opportunities are significant.


A majority of respondents to our poll about rising gas prices responded they feel the squeeze to their budget. How are you coping? (Data recorded as of June 17)

  • I'm relying on public transportation/carpooling/riding a bike/walking more.

12% (101 votes)

  • I'm cutting back on necessities, such as food, clothing, utilities, general household maintenance.

42% (339 votes)

  • I'm not going on vacation this summer.

14% (111 votes)

  • I'm combining driving for errands with work/leisure driving.

32% (261 votes) 


This transit pass campaign aligns the policy work of TLC (a more balanced transportation system) with the operational work of BWTC (creating more bicycling and walking transportation) and the social service work of Salvation Army. We are excited to see the fruits of this initiative.