BWTC Pilot - Outcomes!BWTC Pilot - Outcomes!

By Joan Pasiuk, Program Director

The release of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program Report to Congress in April 2012 was a milestone for the program, completing our requirements for accountability under the SAFETEA-LU law. The report highlights many positive results --increased miles walked and biked, reduction in vehicle miles travelled, reduction in CO2 emissions, a reduction in the economic cost of mortality, and more.As Congress works on a new transportation law, the Report clearly indicates the results of increased investment in bicycling and walking.

There are many more ways to capture the value of bicycling and walking investments in our community. We are gathering this information on the results and outcomes page on the BWTC web site. Here are a few highlights:

  • $6.9 million savings in one year in the "economic cost of mortality" across the four communities.
  • Cycles for Change Community Partners Bike Library Program
    • 19 community partners
    • 27% of participants learned how to ride a bike
    • Participants together logged at least 30,000 miles during the 2011 season
    • Life changing value -- "I applied for a job that wasn't on the bus route and it required 'reliable transportation,' and I told them yes, I have reliable transportation, since I knew I was getting a bike from the Bike Library."
  • 217,530 Nice Ride trips in 2011; number of subscribers reporting bicycling frequency of four to six days per week up from 15% before joining Nice Ride Minnesota to 32% after
  • Smart Trips Highland Park neighborhood outreach: 83% of respondents reported taking new walking and bicycle trips; 76% cited program materials/communications helped them change behavior
  • 610 subscribers and 5,647 rides recorded during April in the new University of Minnesota bicycle trip tracker
  • 4,000 new bike parking spaces


And more results to come.

2011 Count Report