Free sand for sidewalksFree sand for sidewalks


Free sand for sidewalks

Minneapolis residents can pick up free sand for their residential sidewalks. City laws require that property owners clear sidewalks after the end of a snowfall within 24 hours for homes and duplexes, and within four daytime hours for apartment and commercial buildings. (Daytime hours begin at 8:00 a.m.) After shoveling and clearing your sidewalks, spreading sand or ice-melting material is helpful. Residents who use salt or another de-icer should use it sparingly and read warning labels. Some de-icing chemicals can corrode metal, damage sidewalks, kill lawns, and harm pets when they walk on it.

Locations where residents can pick up sand are open 24 hours a day. Residents must bring their own pail and shovel.  The three locations are 6036 Harriet Avenue South, on West 60th Street between Lyndale and Harriet;1809 Washington Street Northeast, at 18th and Jefferson; East 27th Street, just east of Longfellow Avenue near the Public Works gate. Call (612) 673-5720 for more information. To report a sidewalk that is not shoveled, file an online complaint or call 311.




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Ninth Ward e-Newsletter from Minneapolis Councilmember Gary Schiff