Major Taylor: The Fastest Man Who Ever LivedMajor Taylor: The Fastest Man Who Ever Lived

On February 24th, in honor of Black History month, the Bike Walk Ambassadors partnered with Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota to introduce 150 young men and women at Battle Creek Junior High School in St. Paul to legendary bicycle racer Major Taylor. Overcoming the Jim Crow laws of his era, Major Taylor established several world records during his 16 years of competition. In the 168 races in which he competed, he finished first in 117 and finished second in 32.

Students learned about this great American athlete and also participated in bike skills competitions and signaling drills. “The goal is for youth to learn about overcoming obstacles and how biking can be a great addition to their lives” explained Lynnea Atlas Ingebretson from the Bike Walk Ambassador Program.

Battle Creek teachers Dewayne Combs and Rene Combs, who bike commute to school most of the year, support year-round bike education for the students. Students will be learning more and adding active commuting into their lives throughout the spring.

Major Taylor leaves a wonderful legacy, to learn more visit http://www.majortaylorminnesota.org/aboutmt.htm. If you are interested in Bike Walk events for your group, school, business, or community of worship visit www.bikewalktwincities.org.