TLC helps APBP Recognize Oberstar for Meritorious ServiceTLC helps APBP Recognize  Oberstar for Meritorious Service

From Tony Hull, Nonmotorized Planning and Evaluation Analyst

TLC was honored to partner with the Association of Bicycle and Pedestrian Professionals (APBP) last month, as the organization awarded former Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar a Meritorious Service Award, in recognition of his contribution to forwarding the bicycle and pedestrian profession through his many years shaping transportation policy for the nation. APBP director, Kit Keller, was on hand to present a plaque to Mr. Oberstar at a reception held in downtown Minneapolis.


James Oberstar and Kit Keller

New TLC Board Chair, Jan Lysen provided remarks on behalf of TLC and the Bike Walk Twin Cities program, expressing our enormous gratitude to the congressman for not only bringing the Nonmotorized Pilot Program to Minneapolis, but selecting TLC to take the lead in administration of this groundbreaking federal program. APBP members and other local professionals enjoyed the inspirational remarks from Mr. Oberstar, who so eloquently described the transcendent role bicycling has played in his own personal life, and how bicycling and walking can provide a community with so much more than just alternative transportation.

The Congressman was gracious in his praise for folks working to increase opportunities for active transportation, while at the same time expressing visible concern about the current debate around reauthorization of the federal transportation bill, which threatens to greatly reduce or eliminate dedicated funding for bicycling and walking.

Despite the grim outlook for reauthorization, the evening was a festive occasion, as colleagues shared great food and drink, acting on Jan Lysen’s directive for everyone to seize this opportunity to make new acquaintances and strengthen the network of pedestrian and bicycle professionals in the Twin Cities.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the company and conversations from the evening, and am grateful for having had the opportunity to help APBP, an organization that has been so helpful in my career development, honor the man who laid a foundation for this profession to exist. A sincere “thank you” to APBP and Congressman Oberstar, from all of us who work to make our world a place where bicycling and walking are part of the transportation solution!