East 14th, West 15th & East 16th StreetEast 14th, West 15th & East 16th Street

Grant Amount: 
Date of Funding Approval: 
June 2007
Expected Completion Date: 
June 2010
Contact the Project Manager 

Steve Mosing 612.673.5746 steve.mosing@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

This 1.6 mile project  (14th / 15th / 16th Streets downtown Mpls) consists of adding bike lanes where there is sufficient space by narrowing travel lanes to 11 feet or less and the parking lane to 7 feet;  Where there isn't sufficient space (as on 14th St E)  "advisory bike lanes" will be created with the elimination of  center line striping.  (see attached photo).  The purpose of these lanes is to give cyclists confidence to ride further from parked cars (to stay out of the door zone) and create greater awareness among motorists that bikes are part of the traffic, and  the traffic principle of "first come, first serve" applies.  When a cyclist is occupying the advisory bike lane, motorists need to stay behind or pass when safe to do so.  When there are no cyclists present, motorists can occupy the space themselves. Advisory bike lanes are very common in Europe, and only beginning to be seen as a solution in the United States.

This project also includes the region's first 25 mph speed zones implemented as part of a state law that allows speed limits to be reduced to 25mph in conjunction with the marking and signing of bike lanes.  Colored  crosswalks on 15th Street West  will also be evaluated as part of this project.

(photos are sequential from bottom to top)

October 5th, 2011 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

(Richard Anderson, Steve Clark,Council Member Lisa Goodman, Peter Wagenius)

16th Street Bike Lanes at night


14th Street @ Elliot After

14th Street Before15th St. & Nicollet Westbound