LRT Hiawatha Trail Downtown ConnectionLRT Hiawatha Trail Downtown Connection

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Date of Funding Approval: 
June 2007
Expected Completion Date: 
Fall 2011
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Ole Mersenger

This project created bicycle lanes along 3rd Street in Downtown Minneapolis from Hennepin Avenue to Norm McGrew Place and an off-street trail near the Metrodome from Norm McGrew Place to 11th Avenue. This project includes an extension of the 4th Street bicycle lane from Chicago Avenue to Norm McGrew Place.

Improved crossing at Norm McGrew (9th St.) with curb extensions and flashing yellow beacons to allow easier access to the trail from the eastbound bike lanes on 4th Street;  bike lanes will also be added on 3rd Street (one way westbound street).


Construction has begun!

April 2011

May 20, 2011