1st/Blaisdell Avenues1st/Blaisdell Avenues

Project Jurisdiction: 
Grant Amount: 
Date of Funding Approval: 
June 2007
Expected Completion Date: 
July 2011
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Steve Mosing

Bike lanes were added to 1st Avenue and Blaisdell Avenue in South Minneapolis (a pair of one-way streets). 

This 5.4 mile project includes new bike lanes, wider bike lanes where they formerly existed and enhanced sharrow markings where bike lanes are not feasible.  Beginning in downtown Minneapolis enhanced sharrows were placed on LaSalle Ave S and, as LaSalle becomes Blaisdell, cyclists will find wider bike lanes than were there previously. 

On parts of 1st Ave S. an entire travel lane was removed to make room for bike lanes and to allow parking. 

In numerous sections along these one-way pairs, the conflict zones have been colorized, creating greater awareness and safety for all users.  

Preliminary striping for Green Bike Lanes on 1st Avenue.


Restriping of Blaisdell Avenue

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