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Date of Funding Approval: 
June 2007
Expected Completion Date: 
September 2011
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Steve Mosing

This project along Bryant Avenue S includes both a bicycle boulevard and shared lane street markings. 

The 4.5 mile project includes two bicycle boulevard one segment where traffic volumes are low (north of Lake and south of 50th Street), and second segment composed of an intermittent "advisory bike lane" - created with sharrows and 100' of solid green paint with 100' spacing in between (see attached photo) - where traffic volumes are too high for a conventional bicycle boulevard (between Lake and 50th Street). 

The bike boulevard (north of Lake Street and south of 50th Street) features speed bumps, removal of some stop signs, and improved crossings for cyclists at busy streets, including a median on Franklin Ave.

The shared lane markings south of Lake Street are emphasized with 100-foot intermittent green advisory bike lanes that encourage proper lane position, as motorists will need to pass bicyclists by changing lanes. 

The bike boulevard includes a median at Franklin Ave and several curb extensions to shorten crossing distances for pedestrians.

As of March 30, 2012


As of June 30, 2011

Median at Franklin intersection



Intersection and bump-out construction @ Bryant & 29th.



Prepping for medians at 28th.

Bryant & 36th St Northbound



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