Cedar & Washington (7 Corners) IntersectionCedar & Washington (7 Corners) Intersection

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Date of Funding Approval: 
July 2009
Expected Completion Date: 
Fall 2012
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Shaun Murphy

This project is located on Washington Avenue at I-35W to 19th Avenue; and on Cedar Avenue to Washington Avenue street level to the Washington Avenue trench. The goal of the project is to make walking a safer and more pleasant activity at this busy, dense intersection. The intersection has existing high density housing and busy activity centers. Future development will likely include the nearby Central Corridor light rail line (which will not directly affect the 7 Corners intersection) and a 300-unit dwelling at the intersection of Washington & 19th Avenues. Currently the intersection has a high number of pedestrian-related traffic crashes, among the highest in the City. Most of these occur when the pedestrian is crossing the southeast crosswalk with the "walk" signal and vehicles are turning left onto southbound Cedar Avenue. The situation is complicated by the unusual intersection geometry, poor sight lines for all users, and long crossing distances for pedestrians at the Cedar/Washington intersection. Specific remedies and treatments will include: leading pedestrian interval signal operation, curb extensions to shorten crossing distances, painted medians and/or median refuge islands, improved crosswalk markings, pedestrian level lighting, streetscape, and ADA compliant improvements.