Smart Trips Union ParkSmart Trips Union Park

Project Jurisdiction: 
Metropolitan Council
Grant Amount: 
Date of Funding Approval: 
May 2009
Expected Completion Date: 
October 2009
Contact the Project Manager 

Jessica Treat
651-224-8555 x20

Smart Trips Union Park is a residential social marketing program which used individualized techniques to get people out of their cars and choosing sustainable alternatives such as transit, biking and walking.

The program targeted the approximately 7,100 households in the Union Park neighborhood of St. Paul and contains several elements including materials outreach, events and evaluation.

Smart Trips Union Park is the second program of this type conducted by St. Paul Smart Trips, the first being Smart Trips Summit‐U which occurred over the summer of 2008. Going forward, it is part of St. Paul Smart Trips’ long‐term strategic plan to bring similar outreach programs to every neighborhood of St. Paul. Our hope is that the robust evaluation tool that this funding request would support will allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of this type of programming and thus eliminate the need for repeated evaluation in future program years. This would significantly reduce the cost of this type of programming and enable communities across the metro area to replicate our model affordably.