Biking at NightBiking at Night

Visibility should be your chief concern when riding at night. Like all states, Minnesota State Law requires night cyclists to be equipped with a headlamp in front and a red light or red reflector in back (flashing is often better for visibility. Carry extra batteries or a spare headlamp in case yours breaks down.

On your bike, make sure to angle your rear reflectors and lights so cars can see them. Place reflectors and reflective tape on the frame and any moving parts of the bike. Also wear light or brightly color clothing, put reflective tape on your helmet, and don't hesitate to wear some on yourself!

Confirm your visibility before you take off. Ask a friend to turn on a set of car headlights while you ride your bike around in the light. You and your friend can see just how visible your bicycle may or may not be. Do the same for them, and you will both be much safer when you ride at night.